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Potty Training-Child readiness sign

Potty Training-Child readiness sign

what are some of the signs that baby is perhaps ready to be potty trained? 

  • Wants to become more independent (do things by themselves for themselves);
  • Become much more aware of when they have a wet or soiled nappy;
  • Can be unhappy when this happens and may want to have the nappy changed;
  • Is aware of the “need to go to” and shows it by facial expression or by telling you;
  • May tell you when she or he is about to go (praise this);
  • Is keen to please you;
  • Can express and understand one-word statements, including words such as “wet”, “dry” “potty” and “go”;
  • Demonstrates imitative behavior – likes to copy others;
  • Is able to stay dry for at least two hours or even wakes up dry after a nap

(she or he may not demonstrate many of these signs, each child is different.  So you must know your child)


So what must you do?

  • Be relaxed and have an un pressured attitude;
  • Try to help your child recognize the sensations of “being wet,” “wetting now,” and “about to be wet.”;
  • Talk to baby about the signs you notice, such as the child’ s pausing in play or walking as if he or she is uncomfortable    after elimination. Use statements such as, “You are having a wee,” rather than asking the general question, “What are you doing?“;
  • Asking your child to let you know when the diaper is wet or dirty is another way of increasing awareness;
  • Praise him/her for his/her successes and do not mention any mistakes;
  • NEVER punish for “accidents” this will only delay progress;

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